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TurboTax Military Tax Filing

As a veteran who has ever served in the military, it's never hard to see that in many cases our system reveals how complicated military pay and armed force tax benefits can be to understand. This in turn leads to confusion for military personnel when trying to discover, understand and claim and tax credits that are designed to reward them. This is where TurboTax Military tax deduction support comes to the rescue

TurboTax 2019 - 2020 Military Tax Support

Military base pay is just the beginning of compensations that need to be considered when preparing a military members tax return for filing.

Military service members are also rewarded with a variety of financial benefits such as BAS, BAH, incentive pays, nontaxable combat zone pay, injured veteran benefits, and more.

This in turn subjects many military members to a much more complicated tax return preparation process.

In many cases, military personnel (or their spouses) may have to file tax returns for more than one state, based on variable state residency issues, or because they moved at some point during the tax year. Related residency benefits also include:

TurboTax Military Tax Filing Guidance and Support

TurboTax military member support covers common topics that affect tax return preparation for armed force personnel. With TurboTax military tax guidance, military members are guided through a series of questions designed to discover tax breaks that help our troops maximize their financial tax filing benefits.

TurboTax helps military members discover benefits they may not know about that can lower their amount of taxable income. Items like deductions for uniforms, dependents, permanent change of station moves, and special tax provisions for earned income tax credits can all lower the amount of taxes owed, or increase your refund.

TurboTax 2019 - 2020 Military Tax Credits, Benefits, and Allowances

Discover Military Spouse Tax Breaks

Military families can face many challenging hurdles that a military spouse can get tax relief from with the right support and knowledge. TurboTax can help! The TurboTax Military tax filing support is designed to help military members and their families take full advantage of armed force tax breaks.

TurboTax helps military personnel determine what can be deducted, what tax law changes effect you, what military benefits you will qualify to take, how to file a joint tax return with a deployed service member, and much more.

With Turbo Tax Military Discounts all junior service men and women who rank between E-1 to E-5 may qualify to prepare and file their tax return for FREE. In addition, officers who rank between E-6 to E-10 may qualify for a reduced fee on their TurboTax tax software purchase.

Tax Breaks For Military Members and their Families

TurboTax offers specific discovery guidance designed to help troops uncover military tax breaks that they can qualify for and deserve! Military tax breaks are well deserved rewards and acknowledgement from our government for their brave service in protecting our nation. More accurately, it is a form of gratitude bestowed on armed force personnel for their dedication to protecting our freedom. Well deserved rewards!

TurboTax offers special support for active duty military members and reservists, that special guidance from TurboTax military experts that know the difference between civilian and armed force tax benefits.

United States armed forces members deployed outside of the U.S. serving in a qualifying capacity are granted special privileges and protection for completing and filing their tax return. The IRS grants many military and support personnel an extension on several income tax related deadlines including: